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FrameWorks Designs are designed and built from owners of a vending and micro market company.  They saw a need for micro market fixtures, and no one had a solution that was a free standing, wood-less fixture. So, they decided to build their own.  It worked so well for their own operation that they decided to offer these grid made, free-standing fixtures to other operators. All fixtures are made in the USA.

FrameWorks had operators in mind when they created these fixtures. Not all operators like to purchase expensive, heavy wooden fixtures when opening a new market. Also, not all customers desire a large wooden system in their kitchen. Some smaller customers don’t warrant putting in expensive large fixtures. This is where FrameWorks shines. They have created small grid fixtures to large grid fixtures to accompany all sizes of customer locations. Mike is an authorized sales agent for Frameworks which means you get the same price as calling direct.

24“ FrameWorker™

The 24-inch micro market fixture will be perfect for those smaller markets and tight lunchroom space. You can add customer graphics to the top header to advertise your own company or add whatever you like.

48“ FrameWorker™

Have a medium size customer in mind? Bring in this 48-inch FrameWorker fixture that is sure to please the variety of a medium size customer. If the customer hires more employees and grows – simply add on a 24-inch extension without having to swap out the entire fixture assembly.  Kind of hard to do that with wooden pre-made fixtures.

96“ FrameWorker™

Now time for the large customers! At 96 inches wide – this fixture can handle the variety for the larger customers while adding a simple yet effective design.  Don’t go drilling holes in customers walls – use a free-standing FrameWorks Micro Market fixture and stand out! What if the customer gets even bigger and hires new employees? No problem simply add on a 24-inch extension kit and take the 96-inch wide fixture to 120 inches wide. No need to swap out the fixture – just add on to it!

FrameWorks Displays has a great selection to fit all your micro market needs.

  • Adjustable Rack System with extension kits to make it larger

  • Custom graphics on toppers and signs

  • Strong, Light-weight units – assemble at your facility then simply roll it into place at your customers kitchen. No need to disrupt the employees by having to assemble this fixture in the lunchroom while employees are trying to take breaks and eat their lunch.

  • Fast and easy to assemble. No large staff needed to go on installs anymore.

  • Free Standing with legs – no need to bolt to the customers walls – wheel in and wheel out as needed.

  • Contemporary Design – simple lines, modern day color gives the FrameWorker a timeless contemporary look.

  • Optional accessories available – visit



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