Buying Micro Market fixtures doesn’t have to be complicated. While most fixtures are made from particle board, Graphics That Pop (GTP) NEVER uses particle board. Particle Board crumbles when moved, falls apart when it gets wet, and damages very easy. Many times, it crumbles apart when you are putting fixtures together! Mike is an authorized sales agent for GTP and the pricing is the same as going direct.

Graphics That Pop only uses the Lightweight plywood which is really lightweight (40 pounds)  – especially when compared to the heavy particle board fixtures. But wait – there is more! GTP then lines each panel with rugged plastic thus protecting the panel. Each panel then has an outer later of plastic stripping to protect all sides including the bottom. All holes are predrilled with counter sunk hardware to put these fixtures together without any tools! That is right – no tools – no rubber mallet, no screwdrivers, no wrenches. Having customized graphics adds that special touch to each micro market.

GTP is such quality that these fixtures can be moved from account to account without them getting damaged. There are no feet to fall off, and no particle board to crumble. Each panel is put together with a pin and hinge system so an entire fixture set up can easily be put together with 2 people in a short amount of time.

Because there are no tools to have to bring on installs, the installation process goes much faster. This makes these fixtures easy to move to another customer or back to your warehouse. The biggest difference in using these verses the traditional particle board made fixtures – the particle board generally ends up in the trash because it just doesn’t hold up as well.

With deeper shelving with adjustable heights, pushers for rotating products forward and keeping them organized, and wire baskets with dividers, you can bet that using these fixtures will offer your customers a very nice kitchen look and multiple color schemes as well.

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