was created by a former vending operator who understands the vending, OCS and Micro market industry. By specializing in creating digital platforms and websites for the vending industry, they can better understand how to make a website for you – work for you. The website’s they create can help you bring in new sales leads, new employees, and give you a very professional look to compete with those old, outdated websites. Building you a beautiful website is just part of what VendCentral does.


They also offer

  • MRP – Mobile Request Platform

  • Web Hosting

  • SEO Services

  • Content Marketing

  • Social Media

  • Sales Collateral

  • Video Production

Let’s start with their web creations.  You may be thinking…I already got a website…while that may be true, does it ever get updated with new, modern day content, images, links, page and more? The worst thing you can do to a “static” website is be static – leaving it the same for years. Google likes to see changes, new images, new links and have key works built in to get the attention of Google searchers looking for a new vending and OCS company. VendCentral can help with this and for the price, you may be able to lose some extra salespeople who don’t seem to perform for you. With the system from VendCentral, it will pay for itself by bringing in new business for you. Face it – cold calling sucks…and customers don’t let you in the door anyway anymore…so when a customer wants to change providers, where do they look? The internet of course! You want your company to be found on page 1 when someone uses Google right? Let VendCentral help you get found!

In todays modern technology times, do you really want your end customers to have to go complain to the location point of contact to complain about a broken-down machine, expired product or lost money in the machines? BYPASS the point of contact and let the end customer contact you directly by using the MRP (Mobile Request Platform) from VendCentral. They will make up a special, customized high-quality sticker and your very own mobile app. The sticker can include all info needed, website, logo and a special QR code.  The customer simply scans the QR code, which uses the mobile app to send you an email on what the issue is – without the point of contact ever even knowing there was an issue. This way, you can remedy the problem and the point of contact never really knows. This will help you in customer retention.

Social Media has become a great avenue for content data. Linked in and Facebook both get “crawled” by Google – so the more relevant media and content that you post on these 2 social media sites, the more a potential or existing customer can learn what your company is all about. You are probably thinking – “I don’t have time for that”; VendCentral can manage this for you! You can focus on running your business and let VendCentral help you grow your business. Visit for more information and contact me for pricing and any questions at

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