Industry Experience - Since 1989

Mike Ferguson, founder of VMAC Solutions, LLC is an OCS and Vending operator turned Intermediary and has extensive experience across all lines of "Convenience Services."  VMAC Solutions, LLC (Vending Markets and Coffee) brings each client a combination of deep industry experience and knowledge. We offer our clients fresh perspectives and breakthrough business insights.​

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​MY SPECIALTY - Intermediary Services
- Selling your vending, micro market and office coffee business to a qualified buyer
- I work for you - to get the best price I can for your business
- I handle all NDA's, buy/sell agreements, from start to finish
- Business Valuation - in real industry talk - not random "business broker" jargon
- I speak Vending - I speak Micro Markets - I speak Office Coffee


All partners below are former vending operators.


- LightSpeed Automation - I am an authorized contract sales partner
LightSpeed's warehouse automation system is for picking orders faster, more efficient, and cut labor + routes from your company.  Vision by LightSpeed, is a digital advertising product for your micro markets and large vending banks.  Level by LightSpeed is a warehouse inventory management system used in conjunction with LightSpeed Xpress and FastTrack.

- VendCentral - I am an authorized contract sales partner. This company specializes in building content management systems to enhance your website for generating Google leads to grow your business and Digital Mobile Request Platforms -

MICRO MARKET FIXTURES - Authorized sales partner
- Graphics that Pop - Custom made fixtures for the best, long lasting look - no particle board - Lightweight plywood layered in protective plastic liners - reuse over and over as needed. Custom graphics for that custom look. East set up and installation in minutes not hours.

- FrameWorks - Grid style fixtures for small to large markets - easy to install, long lasting and zero wood products. Free-Standing fixtures can be set up at your warehouse and moved directly into the clients lunchroom. Set up is a breeze. 

LightSpeed Automation -
Vision by LightSpeed -
VendCentral -
Graphics that pop
Frame Works

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