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Industry Experience - Since 1989

Mike Ferguson, founder of VMAC Solutions, LLC is a previous business owner in the Office Refreshment (Vending, Office Coffee Service, Micro Markets) business for over 25 years, and in the industry for over 33 years+.

 Mike is a Business Broker/Intermediary and has extensive experience across all lines of businesses.  While the Office Refreshment, (AKA Vending and Office Coffee Service) industry is my specialty, I can also broker other industries as well.


Why use me?

  • I am a sell-side broker who has actual vending and office coffee business ownership experience of over 25 years and over 34+ in the industry.

  • I have NO upfront fees, I only get paid when you get paid!

  • I can talk industry language, not the traditional business broker talk. 

  • I am upfront, honest and will give you the honest answer on what your business could be worth. 

  • I am not a "dinosaur" No AOL for me! I stay current with the industry

  • I have worked for the largest acquirer in the industry

  • I have several cash buyers ready and willing to buy you

  • I can advise you on operations, VMS software, LightSpeed Automation - NO other broker can offer this like I can.

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​MY SPECIALTY - Intermediary Services Business Exit Plans
- Selling your Vending and Office Coffee Service business to a qualified buyer
- I work for you - to get the best price I can for your business
- I handle all NDA's, buy/sell agreements, from start to finish
- Business Valuation - in real industry talk - not random "business broker" jargon

- Buy side advisory services


Why hire an Intermediary/Broker to sell your business?


Selling any size business, no matter how you think will be easy, requires multiple hours of phone calls, discussions, emails, negotiations, legal forms, NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreements), Asset Purchase Agreements, personalities, and have other administrative tasks. You have to ask yourself, can you take this much time away from your business, to handle all of this? Do you feel comfortable talking to your competition about your business and financials? This could be your biggest decision of your life, do you want to go with this alone?


Here are the key benefits to hiring a professional Intermediary to help you sell and exit your business:

1. You continue your role to run your business as is, while we work in the background to sell your business.

2. Similar to a real estate agent who is the buffer between the seller and the buyer, a business broker works the same way, without you exposing your business to the competition, or a non qualified buyer. We take the emotions out of the sale for both buyer and seller to achieve a win-win for both sides.

3. A business broker has experience with the documents needed to protect your business, and other documentation needed for a successful transaction to both sides.

4. Experience! This is what we do daily. While you continue to run your business, we have the business experience to conduct the sell of your business using past experiences with acquisitions. 

5. We find the buyers - do you really want to attempt to sell your business yourself? Would you just call up your local competition and ask them to buy you? Do you want your competition to know you are for sale? NO! Let us handle the transaction to keep your business goals confidential.

6. Higher Price- Brokers generally get you a higher price and even pay for ourselves through getting the higher price for your business. Business owners who attempt to sell it themselves generally get offended dealing with buyers, That is where a neutral party like a business broker can step in and handle the emotional side of this. 

When choosing a business broker, make sure you choose one who only works for you and not the buyer. You want them representing your business and just your interest, not the buyers. We only work for you!

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