How much better, faster, or smarter could your operation be? We help you re-imagine your operations to unlock growth, lower your operating costs, and unleash your strategy.


Are you new to micro markets? Are you scared of micro markets? Many operators are – but typically may be “forced” into doing markets as a defense to fend off the competition.  Many operators are not skilled in what kiosk to use, what shelving to use, how much to spend, what coolers to use, what camera system to use – and how to manage it all. Markets are not for everyone – but your competition thinks they are so you better be ready when the competition comes calling on your accounts. We can  personally help walk and coach you through the whole process. We can help you decide what kiosk to use that works best for your business needs.  We are not biased to any brand – only the brand that is right for your operation. We can help answer – how will it integrate with your current software, if you even have a VMS (Vending Management System), and how to integrate it into your current operation.  Most kiosk re-sellers will convince you that their system is the best – but is it the best for THEM or for your operation? Typically sales INCREASE when replacing vending with markets. Markets are not going away and can be an awesome revenue stream - it takes most of the headaches out from  vending and allows you to be creative.

Vending Management Software

So many choices nowadays – which one is best for your operation? Different VMS companies  offer many similar functions for your business. Obviously a sales person will try to influence you to buy their systems. We offer unbiased consulting to help you determine which provider is better for your business. 


If you are not using a VMS at all for your vending, office coffee and or micro markets currently, then deciding to go forward on a VMS is a very big decision. It can be a very costly decision as well. We have spoken to many operators who are not happy with their software systems. Often times, they leave the software and move to another software system. Talk about a costly mistake! 


Mike has personally used several different VMS software over his 30 +year career – and he can tell you, none of them are “perfect”. Most organizations have similar procedures in vending, OCS and Micro Markets. Deciding which one is the best for your operation can be a challenge. We can give you an unbiased opinion and possibly save you thousands of dollars and hopefully, from making the wrong decision. We can coach you and even physically help you with the implementation process by converting and merging data into your current software system.


Many smaller operators shy away from Office Coffee Services. I hear things like “receivables are scary”, and “I don’t know which coffee machines to use”, and "how can we make money on providing OCS?"


We have been doing OCS since 1988 and we can show you what you are missing. Do you need us to train your sales staff on how to sell OCS? No problem! We have vast experience in doing office coffee service and can explain to you how it makes your company more money, more valuable, and more competitive. Many large OCS companies are always looking to acquire competitors, so is it worth it to jump in? Let’s take a look!




The biggest thing you hear about (besides Micro Markets) is prekitting. Prekitting takes software and telemetry to do it correctly. Many VMS companies offer this, but how does it work? We helped layout a 40 route operation into prekitting. We saw many, many headaches, wasted and damaged products, inefficiencies, and mistakes – these can help us – help you. This project typically is hard to do while running your company. We offer this as one of our many services to help you achieve this goal without you having to put your operations on hold. 


There are a lot of different ways to prekit – but which ones are the best? Prekitting allows your drivers to leave the warehouse with the products  they need to refill a vending machine or micro market – and return at the end of the day with zero inventory on the truck. The picture to the left is NOT how to pick drinks. Let us show you how.


For medium and larger operators, prekitting can actually allow you to combine routes and consolidate trucks from your fleet. But, what is the side effect you ask? Well, there are plenty – so maybe it is, or is not for your operation.  A site visit or a phone conference can tell us and we can share our experience with you. We can coach you from start to finish. 



You hear of so many operators using LightSpeed Automation and how it is so great for their operations; and they are RIGHT! But is it for everyone’s operation? That would depend on your needs and size of operation. We have working experience with LightSpeed while working with the largest vending company in the USA and we can rave about how good it makes the prekitting process go. More efficient, less routes, more profits. We are an authorized sales agency with LightSpeed Automation so we can quote your business the LightSpeed System that fits your business the best. We can help coordinate best practices with your business as well from our experiences with operators all over the USA. We see many ways a warehouse can work and flow with many different ideas and methods to achieve the best way for your business to pick orders in the warehouse. We can help you from start to finish while you run your business.


Is it worth the investment? Should you use the lights? What kind of racking? What about their app only system?  Let us analyze your business needs and goals and help you make the best decision for your operation. We can help you automate your warehouse from start to finish - or we can come afterwards and help tune up your operation. Contact us for an overview and an unbiased opinion. 

LEVEL is a new warehouse management system from LightSpeed. This is an all-in-one system that will automate your warehouse operations in ordering, inventory, tracking, and more.  Ask us about this new exciting feature!

Learn about LightSpeed Automation


If you are an OCS operator only, should you go into vending to grow your business? Let an industry veteran explain how it could help you, or put you out of business. From which machines to use, what prices to ask for, do you pay commissions, and many more curiosities. Maybe you are Googling “how to start a vending business” and come across this website. We are a great place to start – and we may be able to save your house….


Filtered water coolers are a great add on to your existing OCS business. But with so many manufacturers of coolers and filters, there can be many decisions to navigate.

  • Who is the best to partner with and why?

  • How often should we change the filters on a water cooler?

  • How much should I charge for this rental?

  • Do I charge for filter changes?


Whether you are prekitting or not, we can help you lay out for warehouse for best flow. If you are going to use LightSpeed, we can help you design the layout of your shelving for best practices. We recommend carton flow shelving for utilizing the space you have and the self rotating way the shelving works. Because we see so many operators, we always have fresh ideas to help your operation.
We find that many operators struggle with trying to get through the process of prekitting, installing credit card readers, setting up VMS POGs all while trying to run operations. We all know that daily operations do not stop for you to be able to do all of these things above. You can hire us as a contractor to help you in all things like this. We are way less than hiring a new employee and way less that having to drag out this type of roll out for years. The sooner you get credit card readers install the sooner your sales go up, and this puts you one large step closer to prekitting the machines.

We can’t tell you how many dysfunctional Office Refreshment companies we have seen in our years of experience. Dysfunction can come from family members, lack of technology, bad logistics, theft, selfishness, egos, and lack of experience. Dysfunction can cause a business to fail period. Using a company like us can provide an unbiased solution to help you fix dysfunction in your business.


Most operators ask “how many routes do you run”? The old days, that is how we determined the size of operators. Nowadays, that number could vary in thousands of collars. So what is the right amount to run off of a truck and still be able to offer great service?


Which is the best – for your operation? Visit our page on software systems.


Are box vans better? Cab-over? Smaller vans? This can vary for all operators – but in order to be the most efficient, what truck should I buy in my fleet?


These things cost so much money – the big guys buy trucks with shelving already in them, along with freezers and coolers – all built in. How do you compare to that? Well for starters, we have seen both sides. We can show you how you can equip your route trucks without spending a ton of money. It’s easier than you think. When we see route trucks with no shelving, we cringe… how can you ever be efficient without truck and van shelving? The answer is – you can’t!


How do you get accounts to grow your business? Don’t just take anyone who asks you to do vending for them. You should find yourself saying “no” more than you saying “yes” to a vending account. That is because every business wants to be able to offer office refreshments to their employees to keep them on location and offer convenience. MANY want “food” machines and “healthy” items. The old expression “just say no”….it works in vending too. You have to learn to say no. The customer is NOT always right. We can train you or a staff member on how to properly sell accounts in vending office coffee and micro markets. If you educate your potential customers correctly, you can operate the business and actually be profitable.



Ask any operator across this great nation – and what do you think the large majority will say when running a convenient services company? That is right - employees! Route Drivers are an operator’s biggest challenge. Don’t let the dog wag the tail – take control and stay in control. Until robots are invented to run routes, you will always have route personal problems. A driver calling in sick always ruins your day. Do you pay commissions, salary or hourly? What is the best way to pay for the best productivity?


Should you use the “free” bottler machines or buy your own? That is an in debt question but should be a focus in your business. Does it matter what kind of snack machines to use? Food machines – fresh or frozen. We can help you decide what is best for your business based on your mission.


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