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Selling your company could be the biggest financial decision of your life. Don't go at it alone - use an adviser/intermediary to be a neutral party see you through the whole process. We take the emotions out of it and work to get you the best price for your valued business. 


Mike Ferguson owned and operated his own Business (Vending and Office Coffee Service) for 25 years, so he not only knows the operations of a business, he uses the experience to help sell businesses. While we may specialize in this industry, we do sell all types of businesses, so reach out to us for a confidential conversation


It would be a difficult task to attempt to broker your own business to one or more potential buyers – and continue to run your business at the same time. It is a very time consuming task to be your own “buffer” to one or more buyers at the same time remaining confidential. Talking to your competitor is never a good idea when it comes to sharing financials, customer lists, business plans and more. 


By using Mike as an intermediary between you and the potential buyer (s), we will help position you better to negotiate the best deal while you focus on running your business. Going directly to the competition with the idea of selling to them can lead to many problems. See below for more details on things to consider before selling.


This may be your biggest financial decision of your life. We are an industry expert and can help you through this process to get you the top price for your business and  manage the process from start till finish. 


Reality of selling -

  • Are you ready to retire?

  • Do you want to work for the buyer?

  • Is your company ready for due diligence process?

  • Is your sales price a realistic expectation?

  • Why are you really selling?

  • What are your expectations after the sell?

  • Do you have a real EBITDA? ( Earnings Before Interest, Taxes, Depreciation, and Amortization.  This is the "metric" used to evaluate a company's operating performance. It is used as a evaluation for cash flow and to describe the amount of cash that is generated or consumed in the business in a given time period.

These are some of the many things we can discuss with you, to prepare you for selling your business. 

Where to begin?

Contact us for a free confidential consultation about your business. While you may feel anxious about this step, it is the first step to achieving your goals in selling a business. 

We sell all kinds of businesses, so reach out to us and let us help guide you to the path of your success.

Here are the key benefits to hiring a professional Intermediary to help you sell your business:

1. You continue your role to run your business as is, while we work in the background to sell your business.

2. Similar to a real estate agent who is the buffer between the seller and the buyer, a business broker works the same way, without you exposing your business to the competition, or a non qualified buyer.

3. A business broker has experience with the documents needed to protect your business, and other documentation needed for a successful transaction to both sides.

4. Experience! This is what we do daily. While you continue to run your business, we have the business experience to conduct the sell of your business using past experiences with acquisitions. 

5. We find the buyers - do you really want to attempt to sell your business yourself? Would you just call up your local competition and ask them to buy you? Do you want your competition to know you are for sale? NO! Let us handle the transaction to keep your business goals confidential.

6. Higher Price- Brokers generally get you a higher price and even pay for ourselves through getting the higher price for your business. Business owners who attempt to sell it themselves generally get offended dealing with buyers, That is where a neutral party like a business broker can step in and handle the emotional side of this. 

When choosing a business broker, make sure you choose one who only works for you and not the buyer. You want them representing just your side of the business and interests, not the buyers. We only work for you!
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